Welcome To Finding Light: a Meetup, a Meditation, and More!

June 15, 2020

I’m incredibly excited to welcome you to Finding Light, my new website, creative platform, and brand. Finding an overarching theme that both tied together all of my recent creative work and served as my “Why?” and a call to action has been something I’ve wanted for years. Yet despite all the pieces being RIGHT in front of my eyes and ears and awareness, I couldn’t put the puzzle pieces together. It took the shock of a global pandemic for clarity to emerge (see my post on The Finding Light Origin Story to learn more) but it did and I’ve now I’m ready to birth Finding Light into the world at large and see where it all takes me!

To start, there’s more info on the concepts that underlie this site and my “Why?” on the Finding Light 101 and About Greg/FL pages, as well as a mini bio on the sidebar of this and all pages (below the main posts on mobile).

The menu links at the top of the site layout will take you to my work in various media including my photography, video production/editing, my podcast, and some writing, which I’m excited to return to after MANY years away from.

At launch, I populated the site with a dozen or so entries that I originally posted to my personal Facebook page during March and April 2020. I’ve started a FL Facebook page and I usually post photos to Instagram everyday. I’d love for you to like and follow those profiles respectively.

There’s also a tools section with links to tools for Finding Light that I’m creating as well as an outside resources page — a number of teachers and authors and healers and creatives who have influenced me over the past 10-15 years.

I’ve also written and recorded my first meditation (after 1,000+ hours as a practitioner and student), a guided visualization that I hope will offer some relief and solace to anyone wanting to find more light in their own lives. It’s free to anyone who signs up the eList; the form is located at the bottom of every page.

And to introduce the concepts of Finding Light, including what I’m calling the Five Realms of Finding Light, I’m hosting a series of FL Meetups on Zoom. The next one is Saturday, March 13th at noon Pacific/3pm Eastern. It’s also free; you can learn more and register here. PS- I’ll be updating this post periodically with additional Meetups or you can sign up to the eList or check back to the Tools page for additional dates plus info on upcoming courses and events.

I’m incredibly grateful for the support of family, friends, and the various tribe members who have supported me on my journey through the years, a windy path that’s led to my desire to share my work with others in this way. My sincere hope is that I can in some small way help others find relief from suffering and to find more light in their lives. It’s something that I’ve needed greatly myself (and still do every single day) and so I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned on my journey. Won’t you join me?

Gregory Berg
San Diego, CA

Welcome to Finding Light. I’m Greg, your chief Light Finder and alchemist. I started this site to support transformation and healing by opening up to the light that's within and all around us through creative exploration, energy arts, and a shift in awareness towards better feeling states and stories. Those are my goals for myself and others in search of more light. My background: I'm a multi-media storyteller who's worked as a photographer, podcast host/producer, musician, video producer, and journalist. I'm also an eternally curious seeker, meditator, and traveler. After realizing the power of creative expression blended with mindfulness to transform my own life, it’s become my mission to inspire and share those concepts and processes with others. I’m also passionate about energy and its power to heal. For me, that all happens at the intersection of noetic sciences, consciousness, and wisdom traditions — which I've explored via in-depth conversations on my podcasts and my creative ventures in recent years (including photography, video, and music, and a return to writing). If this resonates, I hope you’ll explore the site and my work and join me on the journey — via what I call the 5 Realms of Finding Light — towards a life filled with more more authenticity, joy, flow, and connection.