The Path Forward


UPDATE: excited and honored that the always inspiring Agapi Stassinopoulos — whom some of you remember from her fantastic talks at WDS and Camp GLP — used my photo from this post in a new article she’s written: a timely piece for Thrive Global called Right Now, We’re All Asked to Go Deeper. It’s about how we are being called to go deeper and find the place in us that is connected to the wisdom, the calmness, and God (however you define that) in each one of us! Thanks Agapi!

To help keep my creative muscles in shape during this month of sheltering in place (April 2020 if you’re reading this later), I’ve decided to post one creative exercise each day. Some days it will be writing, some days video, some days music, or some days a combo entry.

Today, I’ll start by revisiting one of my favorite photos, from all the way back in 2004 — shot with a first generation Canon Digital Rebel! Remember the Andre Agassi ads! It was taken on a jungle path in southern Costa Rica in an area called Bahía Drake (Drake’s Bay).

It’s a shot that’s resonated with many friends through the years and I think it’s because of what it implies, which is applicable in this time of great unknown. 

First, there are concrete steps we can take right now to help us try to navigate all of the fear and uncertainty. The path leads through a tunnel into the unknown (insert birth canal metaphor and/or Hero’s/Herioine’s Journey analogy here!).

The shot gets a little blurry down the path — we don’t REALLY know what will happen.

It’s green and vibrant, a reminder of our capacity (and Mother Earth’s) to heal and restore after challenging times.

And the path takes a slight turn as it veers off the frame, which to me signifies that the old ways aren’t working anymore and that we have to turn towards new ways of being/new solutions/new perspectives.

What about you???