LOP #93: Living in Flow, Synchronicity & Healing with Sky Nelson-Isaacs

My guest for Life on Purpose Episode #93 is Sky Nelson-Isaacs. Sky is a physics educator, speaker, author, and musician who has dedicated his life to finding his own sense of purpose, bringing together the connection between synchronicity, physics, and real life using research and his original ideas. I’m a big fan of Sky’s work — which shows how cultivating FLOW can empower us individually and help make our world a better place — and earlier this year took his Living In Flow course, which was great!

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Forest Bath Suite (solo piano)

I’m sharing something I’ve never shared with the public in hopes that you might find it comforting in these times of so much unknown and anxiety. Two years ago, I was going through a very challenging time in my own life with a degree of uncertainty as great as many of us are feeling now in the time of the pandemic. I had recently starting playing more solo piano again after being away from it for quite awhile and found it soothing. During that time, a friend mentioned the concept of forest bathing, a Japanese practice of nature therapy also known as shinrin-yoku, which means bathing in the forest atmosphere or taking in the forest through our senses.

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Event Horizon (demo preview)

Recently, I’ve posted a few piano cuts that were much lighter/calming in tone. Today’s piece, Event Horizon, is bit darker and electronic, clearly a reflection of what I am (and all of us are) dealing with right now…