Elizabeth Shaw

Life on Purpose returns with Episode #87, the second of several informal chats in a new series I’m calling Seeing The Light In Uncertain Times.

My guest for this episode is entrepreneur, speaker, and eternal optimist Elizabeth Shaw, author of The Optimist’s Manifesto and CEO of Davine.

Taped in March 2020 as people around the world were dealing with the ramifications and massive uncertainty with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Elizabeth joined me for a great conversation.

We discussed

  • Maintaining or cultivating optimism in challenging situations;
  • Optimism as a superpower;
  • The importance of honoring where we’re at right now;
  • Being open to possibility;
  • Obstacles as opportunities;
  • Building your uncertainty muscle; and
  • Our own beliefs and faith.

As a fellow flag-waving optimist, it was a joy to have this conversation with Elizabeth and I think you’ll all enjoy it as well!

To listen or learn more, visit the Life on Purpose website here.