My guest for Life on Purpose Episode #92 is Briana MacWilliam, a love and relationship coach with a passion for serving insecurely attached adults who want to experience soul-deep intimacy in their romantic relationships.

I discovered Briana’s work a few months ago and it immediately resonated with me and gave me insights into my own relationships that I had LONG been looking for. If you’ve ever wondered, “Why is this happening AGAIN???” Or maybe you’ve been classified as “sensitive” or empathic or anxious. Or instead people have called you “cold” or “aloof” or detached. And you’ve been searching for your own answers. If so, this episode is for you!

Briana joined me for a fantastic and informative deep-dive conversation in which we discussed:

  • Attachment theory and the four attachment styles;
  • The Anxious-Avoidant Trap;
  • Radical self compassion vs. radical self-improvement;
  • “You can only love someone to the degree that you know yourself”;
  • Her own life story that led to this work;
  • The concept of Self-Sovereignty;
  • Healing as a paradigm shift around acceptance above self-improvement;
  • The MacWilliam Method, her own unique blend of Cognitive Reframing, Body Activation, and Arts-Based Experientials.;
  • How we can experience our own vital energy;
  • Her thriving Facebook Group– a psychoeducational group for individuals ready to regain their ability to navigate life in a new way – by what FEELS TRUE;
  • Her definition of spirituality and how it’s related to purpose; and
  • So much more!

“Using a psycho-spiritual approach to attachment styles (which are four unique blueprints for how you give and receive love), I help insecure lovers go from self-doubting to self-sovereign, and calling in those soul-shaking, passionate partnerships they want. I do that without having to talk in circles around their feelings for hours or even years on end, with no tangible result, using my unique service, The MacWilliam Method.” says Briana.

To listen or learn more, visit the Life on Purpose website here.