For any of my friends and tribe who are struggling right now given the uncharted waters we’re in with coronavirus and the efforts to contain it, I’ve made something for you. It’s a video of a piano piece I wrote overlaid with some of my favorite images from recent years that I’ve photographed around the world. I hope it gives you a small amount of peace and calm if you need it. It’s a more polished version of a piece I posted recently on Facebook called “First Light” with imagery that I thought fit.

It was prompted by a query from my friend Jeffrey Davis in his Tracking Wonder group asking for words of advice from his own tribe. I’ve been thinking about it quite a bit this week and my answer is this: use your gifts and your superpowers, as the world needs them now!

What can you to do provide calm, perspective, healing, support, wisdom, tips for helping people stay heathy or get back to health, information curating, etc. or just holding space with love and light for those who need it?

It’s time for all us to own our gifts, lean into whatever fear we might have (if that holds us back with sharing or asking), and do what we can. The time is now….

Thanks for listening and enjoy…