The Dalai Lama, COVID & The Shape of Things To Come

Facebook reminded me that eight years today, I had the opportunity to experience something truly profound. His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama visited San Diego and did three public talks. I got to see the one at University of San Diego and the theme was something even more pertinent now than that day: “World peace must develop from inner peace.” That’s a concept I truly believe and one of many motivating factors in developing my own mindfulness and meditation practices. During a Q&A at the end, someone asked His Holiness what his greatest challenge was. His response: he was afraid of losing compassion for the Chinese Communists that had driven him into exile, persecuted his people, and continue to deny his legitimacy. Stop and think about that for a second…

Welcome To Finding Light

Welcome you to Finding Light, my newly re-launched website, creative platform, and brand. Finding an overarching theme that both tied together all of my recent creative work and served as my “Why?” and a call to action has been something I’ve wanted for years. Yet despite all the pieces being RIGHT in front of my eyes and ears and awareness, I couldn’t put the puzzle pieces together. It took the shock of a global pandemic for clarity to emerge (see my post on The Finding Light Origin Story to learn more) but it did and I’ve now I’m ready to birth Finding Light into the world at large and see where it all takes me…

A Message From My Dreams

I used to wonder if things like ESP and psychic abilities were real. I was always quite interested in them and like Fox Mulder on the X-Files (my fave tv show of the 90s), I WANTED to believe. But even as I began diving deeper down the rabbit hole towards things I call a “magical Universe” — things that we as humans are JUST starting to explain with our existing vernacular — I think there was still a tiny bit of nagging doubt. Well last Friday, I had a series of events happen that will likely change that and solidify my belief once and for all.

The Finding Light Origin Story

Finding Light was born in a pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic to be specific if you’re reading this post in later years. It’s already changed aspects of our society that seemed unthinkable just a few months ago and we have no idea what will happen next. But amidst the massive uncertainty that so many have struggled with, the opposite happened for me. A clarity and sense of purpose emerged, qualities that had long been absent from my life during years of struggle and my healing journey since. Where did that clarity come from? The seeds had been planted over the course of many years prior, watered and tended long before I could finally the question that had vexed me for so long. HOW could I tie together all the seemingly disparate pieces of my creative and professional life under one thematic umbrella that would apply to all of it. That thing that I was moving towards on all front. The answers can be found in the past…

The Thing That No One Talks About

I hope I have the courage to hit “Publish” on this post. It’s something of crucial importance to many, yet it’s goes nearly unspoken in our culture. Especially among men (though I know women face the same challenge). Hence the need to be brave. So here goes… The most challenging thing for me during this pandemic/time of sheltering is lack of human touch…

The Path Forward

To help keep my creative muscles in shape during this month of sheltering in place (April 2020 if you’re reading this later), I’ve decided to post one creative exercise each day. Some days it will be writing, some days video, some days music, or some days a combo entry. 

Today, I’ll start by revisiting one of my favorite photos, from all the way back in 2004 — shot with a first generation Canon Digital Rebel! Remember the Andre Agassi ads! It was taken on a jungle path in southern Costa Rica in an area called Bahía Drake (Drake’s Bay)….