Resources For Finding More Light:

The following are resources that span the 5 Realms that I’ve personally benefited from through the years in my journey to find more light. The list includes teachers, healers, authors/publishers, coaches, scientists, spiritual communities, inspirational creatives, online schools, meditation resources, or guests on my podcasts who have inspired me or helped me along the way. They are randomly listed here, in no particular order, but all have been important to me!

Mind Valley:

Wisdom Heart:

Dawson Church / Mind to Matter:

EFT Universe (tapping):

Donna Eden / Eden Energy Medicine:

Insight Timer App:

David R Hawkins:

Byron Katie / The Work:


Sky Nelson / The Synchronicity Institute:

Maria Felipe:

Oren Harris:

Angie Swartz:

Robyn Ivy:

Elizabeth Shaw:

All in Whole Consciousness:

Master Mingtong Gu:

George Mumford:

Katie & Gay Hendricks:

Don Miguel Ruiz (the Four Agreements):

Dan Millman (Way of the Peaceful Warrior):

What the Bleep Do We Know!?:

Gary Zukov:

Michael Bernard Beckwith:

Tracking Wonder:

Daily OM:

Dr. Joe Dispenza:

Deepak Chopra:

Eckhhart Tolle:


Jonathan Fields:

Good Life Project:

Chris Guillebeau:

Danielle LaPorte:

Lynne McTaggart:

Oprah / Super Soul Sunday:

Sounds True:

Deepak & Oprah’s Meditation:

The 14th Dalai Lama:

Plum Village/Thich Nhat Hanh

IONS Institute of Noetic Sciences:

Dr. Bruce Lipton:

Meditation Oasis:

New World Library:

Hay House:

Nassim Haramein/Resonance Science Foundation:

Leon Logothetis / The Kindness Diaries:

Teal Swann:

Chetan & Carola / Human Design:

TuT/Mike Dooley:

Brene’ Brown:

Kristoffer Carter / This Epic Life:

Radio Paradise: