Finding Light 101 (start here)

Finding Light 101 (start here)

I created Finding Light to support transformation and healing through creative exploration, energy arts, and inspirational storytelling. As I began to explore the concept of light and its importance to my own journey, I started to see how it applied to a far greater range of senses that I had originally applied that term to.

The Five Realms of Finding Light:

So what IS LIGHT?  In purely scientific terms, visible light is electromagnetic radiation within the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be perceived by the human eye. I’m not a scientist and my goal here isn’t to discuss or debate those terms. I am however an eternally curious seeker who’s always trying to understand the multi-dimensional reality that we each inhabit.

Given that, for our purposes here at Finding Light, I’m talking about light in five different conceptual ways that I’m calling the 5 Realms of Finding Light:

  • Light that we see (visually; experienced in person or captured in a photograph or video)
  • Light in the sound realm (aurally; experienced vibrationally in a song or sound or tone)
  • Light in our body or energy field (experienced viscerally or as a felt sense)
  • Light in the spiritual/metaphysical realm (experienced as understanding or awareness)
  • Light in terms of consciousness (experienced as “power” or higher levels of/elevated states of)

Further discussion of these realms/concepts will be ongoing here at Finding Light and this section will be augmented as new understanding is reached.

How Do We Find Light?

My intentions for the site are to provide a variety of tools to do that. I don’t claim to have all the answers and can’t guarantee these things work fo you; but I use these tools each and every day in my own life and they’ve made a difference, so I’m excited to share them.

  • To start, I’ve written and recording a special Finding Light meditation which you can access when you sign up for the FL eList (signup form at the bottom of the page).
  • I ran a daily email series in October 2020 called 30 Days of Finding More Light, which I’ll be bringing back again soon and also turning into a course. Each day featured a short activity based around one of the 5 Realms listed above. Join the eList (signup form at the bottom of the page) to learn more and register once it returns.
  • And I’ll be posting regular content here on the Finding Light site in the form of blog posts, photography, videos, and podcast episodes. So check back often!

I’m a big believer in the concept that we best teach that thing that we most need to learn or remember and so if various methods of finding greater joy, wisdom, connection, and peace work for me, I’ll be sharing them with you as well.

Why Do I Call The Site “Finding” Light?

I chose the term “Finding” in Finding Light because it’s both an active and passive word. You can actively seek out light in various realms or you can realize light (in a “look what I found” way) when you are becoming more self-aware. Just setting an intention to bring more light into your life and being open to experiencing light in all realms will help shift your attentional focus and set into motion the process.

The Origins Of Finding Light:

  • I wrote a post that chronicles the Finding Light origin story. You can read that here.
  • I have a short bio in the sidebar of the homepage (found at the bottom on mobile versions) here.
  • Or to learn more about the ideas behind this site, go to the About Finding Light and Gregory Berg page here.

I hope you enjoy checking out this site and my work and the work of others that I’ll be sharing here. Thanks for joining us!