About FL & Gregory Berg:

Finding Light supports transformation and healing through creative exploration, energy arts, and a shift in awareness towards better feeling states and stories. It’s members (Light Finders) are dedicated to re-connecting to their true authentic selves, opening up to new possibilities, and finding the light that is everywhere — even in challenging or dark times.

The Big Idea/Paradigm Shift: On the other side of pain, depression, stress, “should” stories, and the masks we all wear, something greater awaits. Something that many seek: an authentic life filled with more joy, wisdom, connection, and peace.

Yet where do we begin? We often start by looking outside ourselves for the right “answers” or the latest course/book/method that promises to heal, but real transformation seems perpetually beyond our reach.

Something amazing happens however when we turn inward and open up to our own inner light and wisdom. We find that we can “see” and hear and feel the true inner voice that always knows what’s best for us. We can let go of limiting beliefs and old stories that often aren’t even our own. And we can begin to find the light that’s everywhere.

Embarking on this path opens us to a life filled with greater possibility, hope, and purpose.

I’m Gregory Berg, chief Light Finder and alchemist, and I’ve discovered methods —via what I call the 5 Realms of Finding Light — to help make that shift. My mission moving forward is to help others do the same. I don’t claim to have all the answers and can’t guarantee these things will work fo you; but I use these tools each and every day in my own life and they’ve made a difference, so I’m excited to share them.

My own creative work includes photography, music, in-depth conversation (podcasting), video storytelling, writing, and deep self-reflection and I’ll be sharing examples here in each of those mediums. I’ll also be featuring various tools that fall under the category of “energy arts” such as sound healing, reiki, qigong, and other forms of energy work/medicine.

To support each other on this journey, I’m assembling a global tribe of fellow explorers, seekers, and light workers dedicated to finding the light within and opening up to the light that’s all around. When we do that, it helps each of us heal and transform and empowers us to share our true gifts with the world.

I call this tribe Finding Light. Won’t you join me?